Bio Scaffold

Tantti Laboratory Inc. has exclusively licensed porosity forming technology from Academia Sinica to fabricate these bio-scaffolds. These Scaffolds can use various bio-materials to create uniform and interconnective porous structures, its pore size, thickness, stiffness can be adjusted for clients’ purpose of research. Our 3rd generation Bio-scaffolds can be easily dissolved by Trypsin to achieve cell recovery.
Tantti 3D Cell Culture Scaffold creates a natural micro-environment, providing cells with a physiologically relevant growth condition, thus allowing precise observation of 3D cell-matrix interactions, including the
morphology, proliferation, migration, differentiation, behavior of cells.
Current Applications:
In Vitro : 3D cell culture, drug screening and testing, cancer research, stem cells differentiation, life science research.
In Vivo : cell therapy, regenerative medicine, skin substitute.