Monolithic Column!

With ordered pore structure at high porosity, our polymer-based monolithic column can provide excellent hydraulic permeability. It can operate under high flow rate with minimal increase in the operating back pressure. This novel monolithic column exhibits high connectivity, and the precisely controlled pore size especially suits purification of mid to large biomolecules. It has been shown to improve throughput performance and shorten running time, e.g., H7N9. The recovery rate of H7N9 in an anion exchange monolithic column is almost 100% while the DNA removal reaches 90%. The result suggests our monolithic column is very competitive to the currently marketed columns.

(Highly crosslinking)
Through-pore size250 - 1500 nm
FormatDiameter : 1 cm – 10 cm
Length : 0.5 cm – 5 cm
Small moleculeMacromolecules
Fast flow rateFast flow rate